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Candy and Dolls for the Rest of Us

Not your ordinary cutesy dolls!

Crazee Dollies!
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This is an alternative to those frilly little Candy Bar sites, it's for making dolls, that are little different than the ordinary ones, you know just a little weird or different.. You can submit you own if you'd like just go to here....
http://thedollpalace.com/dollmaker/candy-doll-maker/ (you have to sign up for this one, but your creations will blow the ones the other folks do out the the park.
2. They don't have to be cutesy or play by the rules, they can be even more outrangous than the "goth" or "punk" type dolls some people make!
3. Think of something really weird no on would imagine, B-movies, obscure musicians, weird people in general and make dolls of them, the more original and crazy the better!
4. No tinys!
5. Stay on topic we're here to make dolls

You are Doll Freak #

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